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Taylor Swift’s Private Jet landing

This is a video of Taylor Swift’s private Dassault Falcon 900B ( N898TS ) landing at Gander International Airport ( CYQX ).
Taylor Swift’s Private Jet landing


  1. B.L Planespotting says:

    Hm interesting, nice painting aswell

  2. DutchPlaneSpotter says:


  3. uniteddeltafan says:

    Awesome!!! How come she stop in Gander??

  4. 235FireFly says:

    Im assuming to refuel, though I did go a year having this video and not
    knowing this was her aircraft.

  5. 235FireFly says:

    I agree!

  6. FlightSimFanatic says:

    Awesome. I’ve always wanted to catch a celebrity jet like this. When was
    this recorded originally?

  7. kbw48 says:

    yes that is definately her plane.

  8. 235FireFly says:

    Put the video in 1080 HD, at around 0:53 the plane is almost directly in
    front of the camera, pause it and you will see N898TS on the engine near
    the tail, also you will see 13 below the cockpit window which is her
    favorite number.

  9. Howard Lau says:

    I really wanna be the pilot for her one day

  10. Jonathan Cain says:

    Omg Taylor swift!?! How about a real nice landing anyone??

  11. JAMESHOTS007 says:

    Kanye West and Beyoncé were the pilots…..

  12. PerformanceStageInc says:

    It IS indeed her jet. I know 100000% for a FACT.

  13. sred80 says:

    Registration number on the side of the plane is = N898TS … TS < stands
    for Taylor Swift … The #13 is painted on the side of the plane and there
    are tons of pictures on the web of Taylor boarding and coming off this one
    plane around the world. Taylor's Wikipedia page says Taylor owns this

  14. digrist1 says:

    I looked up the information also in the FAA Registration Database. Owner is
    listed as S A T A LLC. No where in the FAA records does it say that
    aircraft belongs to Taylor Swift.

  15. David Jr says:

    enough of the Arguing………… read this and realize the man is correct!
    it wont allow me to put the website so search on your web browser the
    vivant dot com the taylor swift private jet

  16. kbw48 says:

    The SATA llc you are referring to is a foreign company and NOT the same
    SATA LLC that is based here in Nashville, TN. SATA as in (Scott, Andrea,
    Taylor, and Austin) is one of the many corporations owned by Taylor Swift.
    She also owns SATA Hanger, LLC which owns the hanger at BNA where the plane
    is kept.

  17. Donovan Moore says:

    Don’t confuse the sheeple with the truth Digris

  18. Conor Ball says:

    Thats defiantly hers

  19. 79carboy says:

    Wow, nice landing.

  20. nsxfan16 says:

    no a falcon 7x or a bd-700

  21. Kevin Meyer says:

    I know the pilot, Bill Pratt!

  22. FlightAce100 says:

    She should buy a 777-300er, bigger better and more expensive! 

  23. Jessica Maree says:

    +Brisdad53 Actually, the SATA LLC which owns this plane, is a private
    company based in Nashville, Tennessee – Google searches will show you that
    SATA LLC actually has the same address as 13 Management – Taylor Swift’s
    private management company, named for her lucky number and birthdate. The
    reasoning for “SATA” is likely because it is the first initials of all of
    her family members – Scott (her father), Andrea (her mother), Taylor
    (obviously), and Austin (her younger brother). It doesn’t stop there – the
    plane itself is filled with personal touches. The 13 beside the door? As I
    said before, her lucky number. “N898TS”? 89 is her year of birth, 8 was the
    number of #1 singles she had when she put down the deposit for the plane,
    and TS being her initials. Obviously it is not registered to Taylor Swift,
    but the Limited Liability Corporation was set up for the purpose of Taylor
    being able to own the jet herself. It all goes back to her. :)

  24. wesley mccurtain says:

    the jet is more interesting to me than she is

  25. Wayne Taylor says:

    Look… @ 0:10 you can see Justin Bieber’s Tree House.

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