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Private Jets Face Turbulence

Private jets are becoming a sign of greed and excess in tough economic times. As Mark Strassmann reports, many in the industry are losing their livelihoods and feel the anger is misdirected.
Private Jets Face Turbulence


  1. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    They’re not fat cats, they’re dirty dogs!

  2. ken richardson says:

    let us rich people be happy

  3. dario15 says:

    Jackass Obama cost thousands of people jobs over companies who already
    owned these paid off these jets. Does he fly commercial, no he takes TWO
    planes and a whole entourage of reporters, support staff, (butlers, maids,
    cooks, etc) at taxpayers expense, also letting his wife go shopping taking
    “our” at our expense . These people are billion dollar executives of
    multibillion dollar companies, time is money and companies can’t afford to
    loose money.

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