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Private Jets and Presidential Suites
Private Jets and Presidential Suites


  1. Annyong Rings says:

    She’s putting up a good fight against Obama for who really is and should be
    treated like our messiah 

  2. AlexCF says:

    This is just begging for someone to put together the same hit piece against
    GOP candidates.

    How about this.. propose that if the GOP regains power we send politicians
    around on commercial carriers only? Then you’d have a message. There’s no
    message here, except that the GOP doesn’t like Hillary. Didn’t need a
    video for that.

  3. Naveen says:

    Hillary is unfit to be President. Her incompetence & negligence at the
    State Department has left the world in chaos. The Obama-Clinton agenda has
    been disastrous & she’s way out of touch with regular Americans.

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