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Private Jet walk through.

Our private jet consultant can not only assist you in the acquisition of your private jet but also in the refurbishing of a jet. Delivering results like this Embear Lineage 1000.
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Private Jet walk through.


  1. matchbox555 says:

    Just looks like a trailer

  2. Jaquel Parker says:

    i wonder how much this jet is?

  3. Shahrukh Jalil says:

    No security risks, no crying babies, no bad food, and absolute comfort.

  4. TheMixedFilms says:

    and how much would it cost from new york to dubai

  5. LUCAS300L says:

    @LoveTheCity123 ur cool

  6. SuperDeepRoller says:

    can they get to destinations FASTER though?

  7. HechoEnMexico10 says:

    I’ll pay you 45 bucks for it.

  8. hugojamesharmony says:

    @soccernerd22 not that

  9. Flomounier1 says:

    I’ll buy one. I just need to know how to get rich first.

  10. Quinton Barrett says:

    so, for half the video, we were watching a TV screen on a computer screen?

  11. Abby Garfinkel says:

    my dad has one like this!

  12. EmgeeOfficialPage says:

    You can purchase a nice jet.With up to 15-25 seats.

  13. Sergey Khochay says:

    The closest I can get to this type of toys – is via YouTube.

  14. TheBagBalm says:

    I’d just stick to first class or take the company plane. Can’t afford one.

  15. Jonathan Cornejo says:

    dear santa !……….

  16. stealth1692 says:

    which one?

  17. 63gstone says:

    I’ll take mine with a sun deck please…

  18. haris asim says:

    I wish I had my own private jet

  19. Puzzoozoo says:

    I wish I was a mega billionaire to be able to afford a private jet.

  20. nikkiminajswag says:

    lmao my dad owns one of these they arent that great they always have
    problems lol .

  21. Nicholas Fadden says:

    What is the name of the song that is playing in this video?

  22. Nicholas Fadden says:

    What is the name of the song in this video?

  23. Terry Wataszko says:

    What is the name of this song?

  24. nayab mamood says:

    I want this jet

  25. Jennifer Reichman, Scottsdale Homes says:

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