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My Private Jet Experience with Beachbody Carl Daikeler As 27 Star Diamond Coach with Beachbody, they spoiled me with a “Superstar Day” in Santa Monica CA. We boarded a private jet following to go to Chicago IL for a Beachbody event
My Private Jet Experience with Beachbody Carl Daikeler


  1. MiMiLovesMakeup says:

    great motivational video! i know i just started coaching but i wont give
    up! i can suceed in this business. =)

  2. itsmedancing says:

    This is funny, Christine. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Carl Daikeler says:

    I can’t believe I forgot my snuggie.

  4. Kristina Sullins says:

    So freakin cool!!!

  5. Kristia Hord says:

    love it!! I think I saw extra room for one more!!! 🙂 🙂

  6. Teri Walker says:

    Thanks for sharing; that was great 🙂

  7. Amanda Henderson says:

    DUDE – this is killer crazy!!! I bet it’s so fun and WOW – everything
    happened sort of so fast for you! This is proof that work & commitment pays

  8. Mohd Saari says:

    falcon 900

  9. ears737 says:

    @cikgoo83 its a falcon 50

  10. Jay Cee says:

    Excellent experience. Thanks for sharing what some of use could only dream

  11. John Rambo says:

    Falcon 50 is junk.

  12. Brandon Cope says:

    Falcon 7X = Awesome

  13. Alex Wencel says:

    But this plane is a falcon 50… 7x WAY Bigger…

  14. Brandon Cope says:

    I know now, but it’s still an amazing plane!

  15. thebrickworker1 says:

    falcon 50 is a piece of shit

  16. Laneh777 says:

    Hi Christi thanks I just found this upload I was the Captain ion this
    flight, for all the others this is Falcon EX EFIS

  17. Persnickity Sam says:

    I hope you jealous dickheads enjoy your trip in the TSA microwave next time
    you fly coach.

  18. adam burns says:

    im flying with michael myers, very scared.

  19. Durden Asheville says:

    That lighting is GAWD aweful…but the legs make up 4 it.

  20. Benn Kelly says:

    If you knew shit about airplanes you wouldnt be saying that. Because it is
    the farthests thing from a piece of shit.

  21. AlcatrazSniper says:

    I thought private jets were way bigger inside.This looks like it sucks.If I
    was rich and had a private jet,I would make sure it would be tall and
    wide,with a big flat screen tv and some beer and champaign.

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