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Luxury lifestyle yachts, private jets, mansions, exotics

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Luxury lifestyle yachts, private jets, mansions, exotics


  1. xSnipeyx says:

    Money shouldn’t even be on that list, without money, the world would be
    greater, I believe.

  2. xSnipeyx says:

    nah, no money = better world, period.

  3. KouZee says:

    the world would Still run without money, but then there would not be any
    cars. computers, houses,etc. None of the good stuff we would have to go
    back to “Nature” LOL in my opinion: just get a lot of money.

  4. CellPhoneMern says:

    3:45 OMFG!

  5. Eduardo Cassiano says:

    Scarface soundtrack. Nice.

  6. madchronic says:

    You’re an idiot. ALLAH doesn’t promise you pussy like this money does.

  7. TheExtase69 says:

    You don’t have to be rich to live an extravagant, abundant lifestyle, watch
    my video …

  8. BayAreaBiker2001 says:

    We did not always have money as we now know it. Before money was invented,
    barter was used successfully. It was only when large-scale commerce
    developed that some standardized currency was needed.

  9. Anna m says:

    …and why should we care if that really is your house or not?

  10. georgeous1100 says:

    Minnis TV if that first house was urs u wouldn’t be hanging out on youtube
    to begin with. as we all know money can buy alot of things but it can’t buy
    happiness health and love.

  11. Yayakills says:

    chill vid wil do

  12. Bashia b says:

    Planet earth doesn’t have enough resources for any but a relative few to
    afford such luxuries and the chances are you won’t so dream on, because the
    more they got the less there is for the rest of us. Here in the U.S.A. 80%
    of us are living on 5% of the wealth so that upper 20% can hog 95% of the
    wealth. And the 5% of the world’s population in the U.S. are using 40% of
    the world’s resources.

  13. Bashia b says:

    Many of the ultra rich got that way using ruthless, unethical and often
    illegal means to obtain their wealth. Many of them have killed literally
    millions and caused the suffering of billions more on their way to extreme
    wealth and power. Im referring to the owners of companies like Dow
    Chemical, Exxon, Coca Cola and other such huge corporations that pollute
    and murder their way to profit and power.

  14. madchronic says:

    in today’s society it’s not necessarily the lower class being deprived its
    mainly the middle class but the cause for that is primarily on credit card
    debt, neoliberalism, and top executives taking bigger cuts. And for those
    people who you say that they’ve been handed their wealth, open
    opportunities for the rich is in nature because it creates the stratified
    society they can’t be avoided in America. That stratified society is driven
    by capital.

  15. madchronic says:

    @emack06 how much is it? its go to be over 50 million

  16. k0314681 says:

    I want the room with the Walls of fish tanks. One day!

  17. David Jan says:

    Soundtrack of SCARFACE .

  18. madchronic says:

    @Nourabad *shush with that shit. May not make you happy but it sure makes
    you happier

  19. AdamLewis85 says:

    Your right money wont make you happy. But I would rather cry in my ferrari.

  20. mkmason2002 says:

    Nothing here can come anywhere close to God’s riches in Heaven. Just look
    at the stars and you will see His handiwork.

  21. Levenell Stukes says:

    Luxury Lifestyles. Your videos and advertisment are the best life has to
    offer. It has measured & completly gave everyone interested a focus to
    always remember. Thank You. Happy Holidays, always have trust, love and
    guidance through Christ.

  22. Charlie Hackett says:

    Money down buy you happiness? Im sorry but all those things would make me
    buzz my rat off

  23. robert f says:

    if i am a billionaire, first thing i will do, build a magnificient castle
    with every imaginative gadgets i can lay my hands on. Next build a harem of
    100 most beautiful women i desire..a yatch..a private jet..exotic cars,
    race horses, vacation palace in south of France, a chataeu in Lake Geneva,
    private island in Tahiti, apartment in Central park. Party like there’s no
    tomorrow till i dropped dead…ha ha ha…wishful thinking

  24. styles says:

  25. runninghoove says:

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