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From A Helicopter To A Private Jet

Just a little bit of what my life consist of while rolling with Floyd “Money” Mayweather
From A Helicopter To A Private Jet


  1. brooklynboi11207 says:

    Who needs all access… Looks like fun.

  2. TzFrank says:

    Damn what a privilege! Your lucky as hell bro I’m kinda jealous lmao

  3. jagmeet singh says:

    Thats amazing. Keep it up. Keep motivating. Hustle hard!

  4. cpapaz says:

    Living the life!

  5. azthizzkid says:

    Floyd is a fuckin boss!

  6. MobbMarsMusic says:

    Thats the rich life ..

  7. lionhart28 says:

    like a Boss all day

  8. Casper Christensen says:

    Respect especially from 13:25-13:37. He is an extremely inspirational man!

  9. 427SuperSnake1 says:

    He shares his money.. Good Man!!!!

  10. zephy24 says:

    Hey Edgardo, thanks for the video now it makes me want to take a helicopter

  11. tony lee west says:

    Now that’s living the life…

  12. aaronmtech says:

    Did you get fired yet? 

  13. stachowi says:

    I love how there are empty seats on the helicopter, normally helicopters
    are cramped, this one is the size of a room. Nice.

  14. good citizen says:

    High class Now !

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