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Citation III Jet Charter Dallas – Business Air Private Jets The Business Air Cessna Citation III is one of our popular private jet charters from our charter fleet.

The Citation III seats 9 passengers comfortably with a range of 1800nm, this aircraft is typically chartered by business executives in need of “on demand” service for last minute business trips. Our Cessna Citation III is very familiar with yearly ski trips and sometimes heads to the beach for family vacations as well. Typical Business Charter Jet routes:
Dallas – New York
LA – Dallas
Miami – Dallas

Whatever your needs maybe, let our Business Air Charter Center help you, direct contact info below:

Tel: 940-898-8081
Tel: 800-292-0479
Fax: 940-898-1969

Make sure to check us out on Facebook at and @BizzyAir on Twitter!

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Citation III Jet Charter Dallas – Business Air Private Jets


  1. Constantine Zahariev says:

    What unit of speed is “kts” supposed to represent?

  2. José M. García-Rivera says:

    1 Nautical mile per hour = 1 kt = 1.15 mph

  3. Stratos Jet Charters, Inc says:

    This is a fab video

  4. Gerald Kruse says:

    Why do you show the exterior of a Cessna jet and the interior of a Learjet?

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