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Cessna Citation CJ3 Landing cockpit-view Air Hamburg Private Jets HD gopro

Air Hamburg Private Jets CJ3 Landetraining in Paderborn für Classrating, landing-training for classrating citation CJ3, in Paderborn,
Cessna Citation CJ3 Landing cockpit-view Air Hamburg Private Jets HD gopro


  1. TheGreatFlyer says:

    AWESOME VIDEO! How did you mount hte camera on the wing? With a suction cup
    mount? Aren’t you afraid it’s gonna fall off?

  2. MultiKultiProduction says:

    Awesome video!!! One of my favourites!

  3. Vinicius Moreno says:

    Good video and very good landings!!

  4. groseroify says:

    yeah this fuking video is nice,,,, nice pilots nice music, nice place thank
    you, este video esta chingon , la musica y los pilotos se ve que son
    vergas, cest parfai jadore la music, je voudrias fait ca,,,,,,,

  5. Riccardo Piana says:

    I prefer the same music by Gigi d’Agostino (l’Amour toujours)

  6. captmoonbeam says:

    good video. I really like the change in perspective. thanks

  7. whaddyaheck says:

    wow very nice clips man.. btw what’s the title of the song used in the
    video?? i really like the song. thanks

  8. berndl says:

    Tolles Video, etwas zu schnell aber interessant. Anstatt der fürchterlichen
    Musik wäre der Originalsound viel besser gewesen.

  9. MrBonny987 says:

    outch !

  10. beluga82 says:

    Ja bei uns in Paderborn ists schon schön gell??

  11. beaumat says:

    What is that song? Was ist das Lied?

  12. beaumat says:

    Found the name of that song!!! No so good with the vocal!!! gigi d’agostino
    l’amour toujours

  13. beaumat says:

  14. kingkoolkata says:

    was habt ihr da gemacht? nur pattern geflogen? 🙂

  15. FooTech1976 says:

    WOW great video, you are very lucky to have that job!

  16. gremlin1991 says:

    Awesome Vid! Especially, cause its my homebase 😉 Love that CJ!

  17. cheefpilot says:

    Forget to lock the aft baggage door?

  18. HurricaneFernandez says:

    like the song,nice style, well done boys!

  19. Lorenz Korn says:

    You sound like a robot. Have some character when you do your checks lol.

  20. jackmalmer says:

    in my eyes a hand on the throttles after v1 and also during rotation on a
    tngo is a dangerous thing. in any abnormal event you are tempted to pull.
    what do you guys think about that?

  21. Trey Atkission says:

    Where can I download this song?

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