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Top Private Jets For The Super Rich

These Are Some Private Jets that The Filthy Rich Own
Top Private Jets For The Super Rich


  1. DRAC19999 says:

    Wish I cld Afford One of Them… Damn

  2. Melonsmashers says:

    looks like a waste of money to me, well guess this is what the bloody rich
    are like

  3. dsv sdv says:

    cant even afford a pot of flowers on that 500m plane

  4. TopThingsForYou says:

    Next Video On Cars For The Super Rich! Be Sure To Suscribe For More

  5. Larry Harris says:

    500 Million!!! You have to be Kidding me!!!

  6. Lampost11221 says:

    $ lol $

  7. Gerd Hersher says:


  8. Chae Hondu says:

    Its funny how these people are spending so much on a plane, i would buy a
    house or a stadium or something

  9. SLACKPLAN9 says:

    I bet at least two of these people already HAVE the stadium and Abramovich
    already has the world’s largest yacht.

  10. aiit lailo says:

    $500 million or $500 if its crash u die that’s the fact…..

  11. Wice Gaël says:

    Hi, what’s the name’s song ?

  12. TopThingsForYou says:

    if i remember correctly its Maybach music 2 instrumental

  13. Zain Anhari says:

    Isn’t Tyler Perry like a shitty actor>? how did he afford that

  14. Dr Leif Rivera says:

    He Is Not A Shitty Actor And He Has So Much Money Because He Act’S

  15. Theo McPherson says:

    The poor african child can just make out the reflection of the plane in the
    musty water they sip to survive, as the greedy fly over laughing

  16. TheKillerDoom says:

    Greedy? they made their own money they deserve it…

  17. hart johnson says:

    What is this beat I love it

  18. Puzzoozoo says:

    The same African child’s ancestor had to get out of the way of the pharaohs
    chariot. Your point is?

  19. Robert Curley says:

    Tyler Perry paid $125m for a G3? Sucker.

  20. DRAC19999 says:

    Nice video bro keep it up

  21. John Bull says:

    Ugh I wish I could be one of them! great vid btw, keep it up!

  22. Mark Zikarbug says:

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  23. Massimiliano Scozzi says:

    complimenti, bellissimo video

  24. Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis says:

    very nice

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