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Lot` s of VIP Private Jets, Gulfstream 4 and a friendly waving pilot

Every year several Buisness Jets visit Maastricht because of the Tefaf Fair.
Lot` s of VIP Private Jets, Gulfstream 4 and a friendly waving pilot




  2. Fredlanderzulu says:

    I love bizets, great video.

  3. mariodebontridder says:

    awesome spot job friend!!!

  4. StrandManna says:

    Dig the Commander!

  5. Mr8888X says:

    These planes are like smarts 🙂

  6. Miguel Fajardo says:


  7. 10041MARCO says:

    very cool video. what software you usei do edit the video and make that

  8. Cargospotter says:

    A friend did this with Sony Vegas. Thank you Phil.

  9. sansimcj says:

    Say you own the jet. Does the captain mind if you sit with him?

  10. NeverIsSummah says:

    no there would usually be two pilots well depending on what jet you fly in
    but they let me sit in the jump seat most of the time when there is no
    flight attendent

  11. asif555b says:

    1:48 brought me here.

  12. Adam Hasiak says:

    Good video! I get the most requests for Challengers.the 300 is nice and
    always happy with the 605. Adam Hasiak SkyNet Aviation Group

  13. Paul Peterson says:

    What a nice view of some very nice Business Jets. I would take any of them
    for a short trip, if possible,

  14. lucasjibhi says:

    Gulfstream-pilots have no friends;))

  15. cyprixx says:

    Last one was an old (North American) Rockwell Aero Commander recip.

  16. UsAirways FanHD says:

    what is the plane at 3:04?

  17. Cargospotter says:

    That` s a Gulfstream 4

  18. mbeekman2 says:

    Welcome in Holland!!!!!

  19. thepjairline says:

    nice video! thanks for sharing!

  20. danpend says:


  21. danpend says:

    What video software are you using?

  22. CessnaPilot99 says:

    look closer, the last one is most definitely a turbo-prop. notice the huge
    staineless steel exhaust. The sound threw me off at first too

  23. VIEspotting says:

    I think this is a template for Vegas which someone created and made
    available to download – people can change the font and details. I’ve seen
    the same intro in many videos now, always with another text.

  24. Michael Taylor says:

    what recession??

  25. Marcus LeeP says:

    Thank you so much for this video…Very nice looking corporate

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