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Global Express XRS – LunaJets – Private jets at the best price

LunaJets +41 844 041 844 or
Global Express XRS – Flagship of the Global range, the XRS offers ultra long range performances, making a direct flight from Hong Kong to Paris or from Los Angeles to Geneva possible.

Faster, quieter and larger than his predecessor (15 windows), the XRS offers a large stand up cabin seating up to 14 passengers and accommodating up to 8 passengers in a sleeping configuration.
The cabin offers a full galley, a stand up lavatory and an aft luggage compartment accessible during the flight. It also features Rockwell Collins in flight entertainment system.
Future development include the Global 7000 and Global 8000 which will have an increased range (expected 2013).
Global Express XRS – LunaJets – Private jets at the best price


  1. Bart1572 says:

    $5000 / Hour

  2. Bart1572 says:

    Most likely would not leave the ground for less than $20K minimum.

  3. lunajets says:

    The average price is 8000 €/hour on a traditional Global Express and
    8500€/h on a XRS. But the price could be less expensive if it is an empty
    leg and/or if the trip is long. For an exact price, please call us on +41
    844 041 844 and offer you the best price.

  4. Anil Desai says:

    Hello Adell, what qualifying minimum flying hours or distance should be
    planned for charter of XRS ? what are the hidden costs besidesEur8500/hr ?
    what is the range & pax capacity for Global XRS ?

  5. Charles Cask says:

    I see the Large Mirrors on the fwd panel, Aft Bulkheads… How many Mirrors
    are rejected before you find a Nice one…? I hope your not as strick’t a
    the QC for the G-5 !! lol … But very Nice Monuments !! 🙂

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