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Citation Mustang – LunaJets – Private Jets at the best price

LunaJets +41 844 041 844 or
Cessna Citation Mustang is a very light jet build and produce by Cessna. Introduced in 2006.
This aircraft is flying with 2 pilot and can transport 4 passengers with their luggages.
This is the smallest private jet with the Embraer Phenom 100.
If you want more information to rent this aircraft contact LUNAJETS by phone +41844041844
or by email
LUNAJETS Fly private at the best price.
Citation Mustang – LunaJets – Private Jets at the best price


  1. DOMANSKI PY says:


  2. AnilKumar Mittal says:

    Sitting in such an aircraft is like being in a limo ! Not very suitable for
    long journeys ! Eh ?

  3. Cris Anister says:

    This aircraft is not made for long journeys. It’s perfect for 2h flights
    within Europe.

  4. AnilKumar Mittal says:

    Got it . ThanX

  5. TheTemest says:

    Save the music in aircraft advertisements. It’s distracting and makes one
    jumpy. Marketing 101.

  6. Justwantahover says:

    0:22 No! 6 seats.

  7. xxxxxx says:

    ugly and bullshit for longer flights!

  8. Mike Mchale says:

    NO JOHN………… WHAT !!!!! millions spent and you are on the floor
    with stomach cramps…. What,,,, don’t eat the day before you fly…..

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