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A trip to bailout in a private Jet

A trip to baillout in a private Jet
A trip to bailout in a private Jet


  1. down4ce says:

    Martha Stewart?

  2. suyashh77 says:

    brad pitt, kanye west and, donald trump.

  3. Carole Davis says:

    These CEOs make everyone sick. What a bunch of arrogant pricks. No bail out.

  4. bubber25 says:

    Um didnt these faggots give billions to the banks who each got hundreds of
    millions of dollars for themselves. hipocrits for ragging on automaker ceos.

  5. Madhukar Krishnamurthy says:

    blood boils…no hands went up!!!! ‘cut costs..yeah I shall not go
    frequently to paris for my haircut,okay’ poohpooh people can be so cruel to
    these hard working people who have given their lives to their companies How
    can they leave their companies to die? only if govt dosen’t give money They
    will have to file chapter11 and go settle in canary islands for rest of
    their lives.’Blame the govt y’all auto workers I’m outta here’…

  6. source69 says:

    hey, don’t forget the fed gave money to themselves as well. You know there
    was a section that guaranteed 29 billion in assets to jpmorgan for the bear
    steans buyout, 27 billion of which has been tapped, at least it was that
    much 6 weeks ago. The point is.. The fed and jpmorgan are owned by the very
    same people.

  7. source69 says:

    This media campaign was nothing more than a ploy to keep peoples attention
    of the real problem and the real facts. It’s a disguise to the big picture
    of an already 8.5 trillion dollar bailout

  8. hard666one says:

    This tough scrutiny of the Big 3 bailout request is a red herring to
    distract us from the biggest insider financial crime EVER. Don’t you folks
    remember? It was only a few months ago that Wall Street Bankers walked out
    the side door with 750 Billion– virtually no questions asked! Wake up! Be
    mad at Congress for giving away to Wall Street more that fifteen times the
    amount money Big Auto is asking for! It’s a bi-partisan money
    grab–Republicans and Democrats both are to blame.

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