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The SECRET to private jet SPEED! Speed is not what you thought! Private jets are mostly thought of as a luxury way to fly and perhaps speed is assumed, but the real advantages may not be what you thought. I’ll explain a detailed break down between flying commercially and flying in a private jet.

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The SECRET to private jet SPEED! Speed is not what you thought!


  1. Carlyle's Picks says:

    The SECRET to private jet SPEED! Speed is not what you thought!

  2. Star Light says:

    to much blabbing !!!!!!!

  3. Kefir Bertulli says:

    You should do daily vlogs/ videos 

  4. Big Juicer says:

    If you had a really fast car, it would still take an ass load of time but
    it would be fun.

  5. CHANNELgr says:

    How are u gonna tell me ur not black are u serious u hve nappy hair and a
    big Jose come on bro u can’t deny it

  6. Chris Claypool says:

    Too long winded!!! I love ya but rambling on and on!! I think he likes to
    hear himself talk!! I could have conveyed all the info in this video in a
    quarter of the time!!!

  7. Chris Claypool says:

    Poor baby doesnt like to wait for da whittle for a departure!!! Lol

  8. shananagans5 says:

    The time on the ground is huge. My friends dad used to go from Albuquerque
    to Vegas all the time. He has (had) a little twin engine Beech. A little
    prop job. Overall time, from home in Albuquerque to his condo in Las Vegas
    it was quicker to take his little prop job buzzing along at 200mph than it
    was to fly commercial. That was even before long security lines.
    Exactly like you say, another big advantage is small, private airports are
    everywhere. In New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, or many sparsely populated
    areas there aren’t many commercial airports. Being ably to fly directly to
    some of these remote small towns is huge, even in a relatively slow prop
    plane. Fly commercial, then drive 4 or 5 hours VS. flying right into your
    final destination. 

  9. Andre Fowler says:

    Haven’t watched this vid, this guy is a prick but just for a little secret
    of aviation to brake the sound barrier your wings have to be back to
    counter the shock, and the fuselage HAS to be a cigarette shape or tube. to
    me this is the BASIC of aviation.

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