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Private Jets

Private Jets Jumbolair Episode
Private Jets


  1. gavin pritchard says:

    how much money ust john travolta have to be buying things like this lol

  2. sharpietagger24 says:

    a taxi way down. rich people talk

  3. Claudia Miller says:

    That is very cool about living in an aviation park and flying your own
    plane. I’m glad that John Travolta is able to do the things he loves from
    what he earns being a very talented actor. I wish he didn’t believe in that
    cult thing, though. All they want is his money and his name.

  4. Manny Olivas says:

    how can i end up flying an aircraft at 16??

  5. beaman220 says:

    1:30 nice.

  6. Golec Polska says:

    @manuel5412 You can end up flying a plane when your sixteen when you start
    taking your flying courses so you can end up with your pilot licence. But
    thats IF you graduate.

  7. 123Greekboy says:

    @chrissyboy129 Actually you can start at any age. just solo at 16, and
    license at 17. I’ve been flying for 2 years and im 14.

  8. debarthepilot says:

    Awesome! I’ve been flying for two years now and I’m soloing next year!

  9. says:

    “he keeps his plane in her hanger”… i bet that’s not all he keeps in her

  10. tomlaroo says:

    Commercial air travel is falling dramatically?

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