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Private jet flight, Paris-Zurich with Wijet Cessna Citation Mustang in HD

17.04.2012, LBG – ZRH on Cessna Citation Mustang F-GISH
720p, With many cockpit details!

Photos here:
Private jet flight, Paris-Zurich with Wijet Cessna Citation Mustang in HD


  1. theDoubleH63 says:

    Très belle vidéo, génial ce vol ! Abonné !

  2. aircraftspotter94 says:

    awesome vid i subbed 🙂

  3. Dutoit Cédric says:


  4. Kaos985 says:

    Those 2 big instrument screens with some mod and put on open9x/sky9x would
    be pefect! 🙂

  5. L A KING says:

    So it only cost 210 euro to fly on this airline to Zurich ? Or 210 euro for
    the App?

  6. Junior Vid says:

    spwb2k, very true!

  7. สุธนัย ล้อทวีรักษ์ says:


  8. Heather stubbs says:

    Wow! I love that sound. How fast does this aircraft go? (I’m blind and
    can’t see any of those details.)

  9. permann40 says:

    I cow

  10. permann40 says:

    I could be wrong but it’s about 420 too 520 MPH

  11. Tui T says:

    could you fly these aircraft with only 1 pilot ??

  12. AllenWDulles says:

    There’s a bathroom on this thing?

  13. Steve L says:

    yes there is a possibility 🙂

  14. Marcelo Blauth says:

    Great flight, thank you for share this flight with us, there´s realy a few
    peolple who can fly just with the pilots in a jet today. Post more if you
    want, bye.

  15. kilrahvp says:

    They are repositioning flights. Better get a little than nothing at all.

  16. Alfreda66 says:

    Thanks for posting this. I always wondered what it is like to ride aboard a
    citation jet outside of the FSX world. You captured a wonderful experience.
    I better start saving.

  17. kilrahvp says:

    The repositioning flights are offered on the cojetage website, not on the
    wijet one.

  18. kilrahvp says:

    Non rien de spécial si je me rappelles bien, mais tu reçois les
    instructions par mail 🙂

  19. GJ Primus says:

    This video is great! Would like to had tagged along.

  20. laurent sarver says:

    Other luxury toys to discover on have fun ! 

  21. Christoph Derrer says:

    230 Euros seems very cheap!? Next time I’m going to Paris I’ll take the
    private jet :D

  22. Nuel2080 says:

    those engines sound incredibly reliable.

  23. GA Flying says:

    Very cool instrument panel. Lots of tech there. I like flying my Cessna. A
    C152. Similar. More personal. Not so other-worldly way above the clouds
    like that. 

  24. Anfisa118 says:

    Awesome video! I did enjoyed watching it so much.

  25. Marcelo Delima says:

    Is just me that find these cockpits too distracting ? lol 

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