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How to fly in a private jet!! Jet acquisition options explained. Part 1

How to fly in a private jet!! Jet acquisition options explained. Part 1

MORE private jets!
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How to fly in a private jet!! Jet acquisition options explained. Part 1


  1. ska8tor4ever says:


  2. Carlyle's Picks says:

    COO? Chief operating Officer? LOL

  3. Burrell Gill Jr says:

    PART 2! Where is Part 2?! Great video!

  4. hellconflict says:

    Wow didn’t knew that. Great video! Sadly, i’m just a poor student 😉

  5. Carlyle's Picks says:

    What didn’t you know exactly?

  6. Carlyle's Picks says:

    Part 2? What is that?

  7. xpanco . says:

    What’s the inside,extras?whats your thoughts about John Travolta Boeing 747?

  8. hellconflict says:

    Didn’t knew there were so many formulas for flying private 😉

  9. Carlyle's Picks says:

    Oh, yeah. People think it’s just rent or own. Nope. AND…I did not cover
    it all! There is more!

  10. Carlyle's Picks says:

    What you mean by extras? Travolta is cool. We have somewhat of a similar
    mindset with jets. That’s pretty cool! 🙂

  11. xpanco . says:

    Massage/pedicure/manicure/selection DVDs/Internet…bed!!!!

  12. Carlyle's Picks says:

    Go to sleep xpanco! LOL

  13. xpanco . says:

    Hahahahahaha I’m travel later on to Portugal,I don’t think I will get any
    of them extras on a commercial fly…I expect at least a pole dancer in a
    private jet 😉

  14. Carlyle's Picks says:

    Oh, I get you now. The reply did not come under question. Well, there is
    internet, fax and the other things you mentioned can be arranged. Lobster
    dinner? Massage? Sure. For the bed you need a much larger jet OR perhaps
    sacrifice a LOT of seats/room for a “bedroom”. You talking Jumbo jet
    territory really.

  15. Carlyle's Picks says:

    NICE! Now lets go buy a new jet! You pay for the paint and I’ll get the
    rest. Deal? 🙂

  16. Matthew Humenansky says:

    you…. have a private jet…. holy crap you sir are very lucky!

  17. Carlyle's Picks says:

    My private jet has 2 wheels! 🙂

  18. The Divine Rod says:

    wtf do you do for a living?!


    Actually i build the engines for these jets,i work for Pratt & Whitney
    Canada,but i never flew in one.

  20. Sigrafix says:

    I’ve decided on full ownership.. I’m not sure which aircraft to purchase
    however.. perhaps a a Fisher Price or more likely in my budget, a kite.

  21. Carlyle's Picks says:

    Good choice. Might I suggest you save some money and make your own kite
    from paper grocery bags and twigs?

  22. Herps85 says:

    I have a buddy from high school who flys a Citation XLS for a living.
    Still trying to score a trip in one. Doubt it will ever happen. haha 

  23. Marcus LeeP says:

    Thank you very much in this field. Yes, it is very important to realize how
    to deal with this type of living..Thanks.

  24. Marcus LeeP says:

    Yes, it is great knowing what people are going to do about travel. I have
    seen many people apart of Marquis Jet Card Program and also Netjet
    Program. Yes, it is very nice.

  25. Alex Ferguson says:

    I’ve always wondered about private aviation… If you have to, this should
    answer allot of questions!

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