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ETIHAD The Residence A380 BEDROOM SUITE First Look – Private Jet Experience Without The Costs


ETIHAD The Residence A380 BEDROOM SUITE First Look – Private Jet Experience Without The Costs

While the 99 percent flying coach are feeling the pinch, first class airline seats are getting bigger and better.

Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, was already at the top of most lists for its Diamond and Pearl class. We’re talking private cocoons with your own personal minibar.

Now these guys have gone beyond first class on the Airbus A380 and Dreamliners: three-room suites with your own bedroom, bathroom, and a butler.

Plus, just like the other big player in the Middle East, Emirates Airlines, you can take shower at 30,000 feet.

Airlines in Asia are known for their over-the-top seating. Singapore Airlines revolutionized the concept of self-contained cabins, and you don’t just get a lie-flat seat…you also get a separate leather armchair!

The best-kept secret? Korean Air, with its Kosmos suites, have some of the biggest flat-bed seats in the world—a whopping 79 inches long.

Here in the U.S., the honorable mention goes to American Airlines. The 777-300, which flies internationally, has great lie-flat seating in first and business…and it has the all-important walk-up bar inside the cabin.

Qantas partner Emirates is working on a “new bedroom concept” which will shift first class travel beyond the realm of its current Airbus A380 private suites

“It’s all about privacy,” Emirates President Tim Clark said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “Our new bedroom concept will take it to the next level.”

Emirates won’t be drawn on details such as the number of bedrooms per superjumbo, the timetable for their debut nor their roll call of exclusive features.

But nobody would be surprised if the fully-enclosed private bedroom boasted a personal shower and ‘room service’ from a concierge dedicated to satisfying your every inflight whim.

After all, that’s the recipe behind The Residence private suite revealed this week by Emirates’ Gulf competitor Etihad Airways, which appears to have reignited competition for the super-luxury traveller by cocooning them in a private jet environment.

Read: Inside Etihad’s new Airbus A380 first class suites
The Residence is a three-room VIP suite tucked away into the very front of the upper deck of Etihad’s Airbus A380s with a bedroom (above), en suite bathroom and shower plus a separate lounge cabin (below), all serviced by a butler trained at London’s Savoy Hotel.

Both Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways are planning to launch fully enclosed private bedrooms on aircraft, where customers can experience the same modern technology in the sky that they are accustomed to enjoying at home.

“It’s all about privacy,” Emirates President Tim Clark said in an interview. “Our new bedroom concept will take it to the next level.”
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Emirates wouldn’t disclose the price it will charge for its bedrooms. But a return ticket on a New York to Dubai flight retails for around ,000 in one of the suites, which cost around 0,000 each to produce—roughly the same as the price of a studio flat in downtown Manhattan.

I can’t help but chuckle about this, given that Emirates hasn’t revealed any details about this supposed new product, and never even mentioned it before Etihad unveiled their details yesterday.

So I’m guessing this is simply a case where Emirates management doesn’t want to be outdone and is saying “oh yeah, we’re doing that as well,” and is now tasking their design team to come up with something quickly.

Only time will tell. But the differences towards premium cabins that we’re seeing among airlines is fascinating. Some airlines are eliminating first class in favor of just offering business class, while others are giving those poor people that can “only” afford to fly first class an inferiority complex.

Analysts said that a key to the success of Emirates new product will be the pricing. Etihad Residence Suite on the upper deck of its A380 costs ,000 one way on its Abu Dhabi – London route. “If it’s high, then perhaps it may stifle demand leading to discounting,” said Saj Ahmad, the chief analyst at StrategicAero Research.
ETIHAD The Residence A380 BEDROOM SUITE First Look – Private Jet Experience Without The Costs



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