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Ashimolowo rationalizes private jets for pastors

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Ashimolowo rationalizes private jets for pastors


  1. Channels Television says:
  2. abrokenlife says:

    Are these journalists or COWARDS? Look at the way they are shaking.. what a
    shame that this overfed rogue cannot be brought out of darkness into the
    light of reason. 5 million pounds to acquire a church? does God now live in
    temples made with human hands or what?

  3. Bamidele Adeneye says:

    Can’t they plan their meetings? Silly excuse

  4. Mobolaji Owoade says:

    Before you criticize the Pastor or ministry with a private jet look at the
    context of the ministry. The Pastor’s I know with private jets have a
    magnitude of ministry to accomodate them. We must remember that though a
    the Church is not an organisation it has an oragnisational structure which
    effectively needs some level of leadership and management which requires
    certain resources. For some churches (again i emphasize depending on the
    magnitude of their ministry) they may need a private jet.

  5. Idowu Gabriel says:

    It’s a good reason that Pst Ashimolowo gave, but while Jesus on earth, i
    think provided basic needs for the people along side miracles. Jesus
    provided food and open eyes, cause lame to walk and etc. It is no doubt
    that government like that of Nigeria is irresponsible because some
    politicians in Nigeria go into government for their pocket. If that be the
    case, i think miracle is not enough in the path of churches. I think
    churches can rise up for the job need of the people

  6. RASH BREED says:

    That a problem in Africa, it is so difficult to find Brave people who are
    real.Most people are ignorant that this is our number one problem.A Man
    claim the title ”man of God” because he is smart enough to understand
    that who owned the knowledge own everything.A knowledgeable guy would
    always take the ignorant followers for eternal ride.

  7. Samuel Ifechukwude Ebodili says:

    Well said.

  8. Ifeanyi Ukwuoma says:

    …and yet the POPE doesn’t have a Private Jet! Is Ashimolowo trying to say
    there are more redeem churches than Catholic parishes in the World? How
    many times have he gone to the 160 countries in the world? Can’t he plan
    his Itinerary? Bottom Line: When they fly for Lagos to New york…these
    rogues wants to feel very comfortable!

  9. Tolu-tope Dada says:

    The poverty mentality- which Judas Iscariot had- still follows a lot of
    Christians. Such a sad story anyways. When Mary was honouring Jesus with
    the EXPENSIVE ointment, Judas said we could’ve sold this and fed d poor.
    Whereas this same Judas steals from d treasury and Jesus said LEAVE HER
    ALONE! So like I’m telling u today leave them alone. How many of u have
    sold one of ur PRIVATE phones to feed d poor? A log is in ur own eyes and
    you are complaining about a spec in someone else’s

  10. Dele Awosile says:

    You my friend are a man of wisdom!!!!…. By the way, what is a private jet
    to God, like a piece of empty can of milk- rusted- nothing!…. Only those
    who have a poverty spirit that makes a big thing out of the material things
    of this world!

  11. wakawakaqueen says:

    Hey there, I’m Kenyan, my question is, how many single mothers are
    struggling in Nigeria looking for school fees for their children? Why are
    the African pastors (Kenyan pastors included) jetting around the world, yet
    the need is right there at their door step? My guess is, that our pastors
    have been swept by the wave of showing off!! They too one to show that they
    can afford to go abroad!!!

  12. modupe1231 says:

    Only god can determine who is faithful to him or not. Man can’t

  13. michael bamidele says:

    men of God indeed

  14. duduoshu says:

    isnt a man a god suppose to lead by example? eat with the less privilege?
    didnt jesus wash the feet of his disciples? why is this guy applauding non
    sense? clamming jesus spoke to him? i wish he had slaped you. fucking

  15. StanChinedu says:

    thieves, all of them.

  16. jide1000 says:

    Nice try but you are all still charlatans and parasites. 

  17. Bola Zulu says:

    These are thieves! Why have so much in such a short period of time!
    Programs are drawn by men! No excuse, these are just criminals! Christ had
    to borrow a donkey to travel! They just enjoy mammon!

  18. Spintex Accra says:

    “Money they say is the Wheel of the Gospel”. Preaching of the Gospel is an
    obligatory duty of every Christian and if the same Christians under these
    denominations facilitate the work of preaching the Gospel with their money
    or even donating a Private to their Churches, what the Hell is the problem
    of people insulting these great men of God that we are all suppose to be
    proud of as Africans. Your father’s money was not part of the money they
    used to buy their Private Jet so why are you insulting them? The wisdom of
    the world is total foolishness before God.

  19. ropo olaegbe says:

    LARGE ON!!!!!!

  20. Exploits XTY says:

    Ashimolowo is very funny! His example chose to travel thus because he has a
    Jet or Jets. In the first instance, Pastors could use video conferencing
    facility instead of jetting away to have “meeting”, that way they save
    money and stop all those patronising and rationalizing comments !

  21. Joyc Ajet says:

    Stop judging pastors and concentrate on your own relationship with God.
    Only God can judge if they are doing wrong or right!

  22. Dammy Jay says:


  23. Femi Akerele says:

    It was foolish for Pastor Adeboye to have that busy schedule at his age.
    The excesses of these Pastors can not be justified, more so when it comes
    at the expense of their congregation. It demonstrates lack of compassion on
    their part. When Jesus Christ was on earth, they could not tell him apart
    from his disciples, hence his accusers had to go through Judas. Most of
    todays Pastors are manipulators and bad examples. To these feckless
    pastors, if the church they lead can not function in their absence, then
    they have failed woefully. Being head of a church is not about controlling,
    dominating and having followers it should be about service. 

  24. edward okesokun says:

    A grey heir 60 year old man need not lack wisdom as a man of God.
    Ashimolowo talked about itinerary. He was also and always talking about
    millions and millions of pounds; the reason he ditched Nigerian Naira to
    come to Great Britain in search of British pounds and not for any other
    reason; since there are many other African countries he could have gone to
    preach the Word. No man of God need to go thousands of miles away to preach
    the Gospel in this modern time of technology; no need for any private jet
    at all. How many churches did Jesus build while on earth? How many General
    overseeing did Jesus do? Yet, Jesus affected people’s lives without his
    physical presence. He cured people many thousand miles away without having
    to be there; He just spoke the Word and all tasks accomplished. Same
    applied to his Apostles. Even, the 2 pence Jesus used to pay tax to the
    Roman emperor Augustus Caesar was retrieved from the belly of a fish; He
    had no need to carry cash with him. These guys are supposed to be spiritual
    in all they do, instead they rely so much on things physical and
    ostentatious such as money and property; pretending they needed these
    material things to accomplish God’s work. Over and above all, I think they
    should be handed over to God’s court of justice. Period.

  25. Nnennaya Ntima says:

    What essential service do these charlatans provide??

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