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Al Gore Takes Private Jet – 9/9/07 (Complete Version)

Al Gore segment on Hannity’s America showing the eco-warrior taking a luxury private jet in late August. Other hypocrisy also exposed.
Al Gore Takes Private Jet – 9/9/07 (Complete Version)


  1. john3427 says:

    This is stupid. You can go to petitionprojectDOTorg, download and print pdf
    file and send it off. You are asked where to put the tick. BA, MSC, or PHD?
    You know what? I think I am going to print 1000 copies, make up a name and
    tick the PHD space, and I they will have 1000 more scientists with PHDs who
    sign this petition. This petition has not credibility. It’s pure bull. Why
    don’t you read the IPCC reports and educate yourself???

  2. LiesMakeBabyJesusCry says:

    TBH the guy is making a point but this report seems unfitting for a serious
    news organisation.

  3. kcpod12481 says:


  4. Benjamin says:

    its a question of security!!!


    algore fakin nazi scum bag cock suking scum like busch anybobody who even
    belived his uncofortable lie is a stupid as fakin fat retard american
    anybody els would not fall for algore soo fak algore and fak u all stupid
    morons fuck u twice

  6. philnottinghill says:

    Was “HIS” book GHOST written? DOUBLE STANDARDS… HYPOCRISY… Who is
    behind the Environmental policies – David ROCKEFELLER… It is a DEVIOUS

  7. seapoidog says:

    Sean Hannity and Al Gore are both tools.

  8. girzwald3 says:

    Youtube doesn’t underline it for you. Thats firefox. Owned.

  9. Alaskan20 says:

    Algore drives his H3 to Crispy Creme in Nashville every morning.

  10. Exiles800 says:

    You can see the Swiftboat level of trollish input the American public
    offers and FOX News exploits. America is a political lynching circus
    referencing descriptions of itself that reality doesn’t really support.

  11. bikersrule07 says:

    exiles for someone who lives in the usa you just made you’re self look like
    a fool… btw not all american people do not believe in global warming, and
    its not only america,….. why dont you grow up..

  12. robertmcalister says:

    This guy is the biggest fraud and you fools are paying for his 22,000 sq ft
    house his jets and all the billions in his bank account. You seriously
    think this jerkoff has the best of interest for you? Have I got a bridge to
    sell you!! Its no wonder he never wanted to sit down with the biggest and
    brightest scientists of the world, because they would expose him as a
    FRAUD!!! Ask Nasa what their take on this is they will set you straight
    thats of course you believe Nasa over this jerkoff. YOU FOOL

  13. Skyler Dasilva says:

    but does hannity believe in man-made global warming?? no, come on dude
    think, its really not a toughy

  14. michaelheiland123654 says:

    Al gore station wagon LOOOOOOOL I couldn”t stop laughing.

  15. Peter Belles says:

    This fat fuck Al Gore always fly/s from Teterboro airport on private jets
    !!! FUCK THIS PHONY PIG AL GORE !!!!!!!!

  16. subbanda says:

    Al Gore selling his bullshit… what’s new? oh wait, I forgot what’s new—
    being on board of Apple.

  17. Joshua Knepp says:

    @jem121890 it’s a shame that you are so indoctrinated to the cult that you
    go out of your way to justify the hypocrisy. Isn’t the idea of An
    Inconvenient Truth that it may be inconvenient to your normal way of life,
    and personal comfort, to make changes to “save the planet” but you should
    do it anyway. Why should he be any different? If he wants to lead this
    thing, shouldn’t he lead by example. He’s not any more important than
    anyone else and should play by his own rules.

  18. Joshua Knepp says:

    @jem121890 But the reality of it is, Al Gore and his partners just want
    control. That’s why they tell you what to do, while they go on doing
    whatever they want, spending the money that they plan to make on the carbon
    credit scam. I wish someone could explain how that is a legitimate means of
    carbon reduction and not a scam. Because all it appears to be is a system
    where you can go about business as usual, but you just have to pay more
    money to Gore et al.

  19. thewigwamtribe says:

    @KaiXi333 trust me….I know who and what hannity is. Im just giving credit
    where its due.

  20. wheelmaster176 says:

    Gore is a whore and hypocrite

  21. 9031879134 says:

    This video is very interesting by the way. Especially the mathematics,
    haha. He states that the jet has “a 450 gallon gas tank” and that jet fuel
    burns at “21 lbs CO2/gallon” and that therefore it creates “9,493 lbs
    CO2/hour…” This would …be correct if the jet happened to use its entire
    fuel tank in an hour. However, if there’s one thing I learned in my
    aeronautics course in highschool, it’s that jets don’t fly very well when
    they run out of fuel…

  22. joseph karl says:

    @leofandersoniii u aint right

  23. rhymeandreasoning says:

    unbelievable !!! all of these political dudes are complete frauds..another
    thing i always wonder about is where did all of that money go that was
    raised for that huge global ‘Earth Day’ thing that took place a few years

  24. rustybx says:

    @rantingcurmudgeon Check your numbers again. They’re way off. The standard
    fuel load for a GII is 28,300 lbs or roughly 4,000 gallons. A GII burns 550
    gallons an hour cruising at 460 knots and considerably more at 581 knots
    max. The impact of Gore flying a GII may be debatable but Hannity’s
    calculations for the GII’s CO2 emissions are reasonable. With an aggressive
    pilot or demanding passenger the emissions are likely worse.

  25. CaptainViral84 says:

    I am telling you guys manbearpig is real and i am super serial

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