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10 Celebrity Owned Private Jets

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Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) — The Dubai Air Show has seen record orders for new planes. Bloomberg’s Elliott Gotkine got a look inside the show’s premier private jet.

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Al Gore carries the crusade against global warming around the world by traveling on private jet charters. Should Obama pick Al G.

SECRET LIVES OF THE SUPER RICH – See how the WEALTHY ELITE spend their MILLIONS From a luxury survival silo to a super secret mega-party and the place where .

The Apprentice’s Amanda Miller gives a tour of Mr. Trump’s 757.

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The World’s Billionaires list is a yearly ranking of the world’s richest people. Forbes evaluates billionaires stakes in public and private companies, their .

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For many years flying around in a private jet was an indication that a person had considerable wealth or power. Today, renting a private jet is no longer jus.

Private jet companies are making it easier to fly like CEOs and celebrities by offering new deals through social-media sites. JetSuite CEO Alex Wilcox welcom.

5 days, 4 artists, and 3 cities in Virgin Radio’s private jet! It’s you, your bestie and 99.9 Virgin Radio. So far we have — First stop . Katy Perry in At.

Celebrity Actor John Travolta, house, private jet and runway can be seen to the right. Private Beoing 707 and Gulfstream Jet parked infront of the Travolta f.

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These Are Some Private Jets that The Filthy Rich Own.

Private Jet Journeys offers luxury lifestyle and private jet services to Asia’s most successful and discerning travelers. Private jets, private islands, meet.

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Source : The Learjet aircraft celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2013, as a brand which has come to symbolise luxury air travel. Private.

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10 Celebrity Owned Private Jets

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