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Top 5 most expensive private jets

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Top 5 most expensive private jets


  1. dracula4917 says:

    you forget the king of spain ?hunting in africa

  2. Enrique Ehlers says:

    I ike the Falcon 7X more than the others!!

  3. PastLifeVillian says:

    @dannie20feb Get better grammar in the video and then I’ll take it
    seriously.. I’m no grammar Nazi, but it needs to be more professional.

  4. Spencer Kaufman says:

    He means business jet right? Any jet could technically be
    private…especially say the 2.4 billion dollar B-2, which dwarfs your
    shitty ass video, accompanied by shit music. This is the biggest piece of
    garbage on the internet.

  5. Tatiana Berganholi says:

    Waaaaaaw :))

  6. riptorn says:

    more details

  7. robert magnum says:

    I was a designer for Gulfstream and also Falcon Jet…a Saudie prince and
    his new wife were given one as a wedding present…a 50 millian dollar
    Gift…the newly weds we both 17 years old…

  8. Harvey Mushman says:

    “they sucks ass”

  9. Kristofer Yeisley says:

    Learn how to spell

  10. Dee RR says:

    Poor even worse

  11. Peoples KarmaSquad says:

    Good vid, terrible soundtrack.

  12. osprey60 says:

    Thats all the cheap stuff…….hows about N777AS/A6-YAS/A6-SMR and lots of
    other heavies

  13. Cory Fuccabiche says:

    What’s a banner?

  14. Red Ride says:

    Way out of date

  15. Berserker Gaming says:

    Thats not a private jet thats a airborne bunker!

  16. 2otot says:

    Well said Contractnik

  17. Bovafett says:

    Was the Boeing Business Jet exterior taken from FSX or some shit?

  18. phillyslasher says:

    That maybe true but if the president told us to get off of the plane, we’d
    leave! lol

  19. BosoxnationI972 says:

    Oh it is? Well then by all means, take it down to the Bahamas for the
    weekend. Just remember to fuel it up before you bring it back, okay
    princess? lol Next thing you know, this dumbass is going to demand to sleep
    in the Lincoln Bedroom because he thinks the White House is actually ours!

  20. Emmanuel, R. Aladesuru says:

    I love the aircraft. I want to be your Sales Representative for Africa,
    Asia, and the Middle of the East. please contact me for more talk.

  21. elton cultice says:

    love the planes, hate the music, thumbs down

  22. Md. Nurnnobi says:

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    Google, I generate money with it right now and work from home… I never
    have to worry about bills anymore haha.

  23. Fernando Razo says:

    did anybody notice the picture of the Boeing Business Jet was taken out of
    a flight simulator? LOL..

  24. Nate Morrissey says:

    love the music

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