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Private Jet Ride With The Wife

Flying in a Hawker 800 with my wife on an empty flight between Cleveland and Akron Ohio.
Private Jet Ride With The Wife


  1. iSMOKEDREAMS says:

    great, what do you do for a living? lol

  2. RippedWookie says:

    She looked so excited. That’s cool to see.

  3. Max Welter says:

    “What is airplane mode?” Really?

  4. damen grandel says:

    man i wish i could live the life you are living lol…..what’s your secret
    for making the money?

  5. Farmer Farmerer says:

    Some very rude children in comments.Thanks for sharing this interesting

  6. NoMoreEver925 says:

    I fly private… thankfully.

  7. ConquestN98858 says:

    … tell the Captain that I said “Nice Ride”, thanks

  8. Jeff from Jersey says:

    That was AWESOME.. thanks for taking us along for the Ride…
    Most enjoyable..

  9. ChimaeraZone says:

    You took a private jet ride from Akron to Cleveland? Wow, should of just

  10. AL Ian says:

    What we have here is the 1% in full effect, skirting rush hour traffic of
    the other 99%. LMAO

  11. mart fart says:

    Was reading through comments and saw some rude things…Your wife is very
    beautiful and seems very sweet too, Some people are just jealous, can be
    only explanation.

  12. ZacTheHelpfulNerd says:

    You two seem so sweet together :3

    Also thanks for taking the video! Its really awesome 🙂 how much did it
    cost for that trip in a private jet by the way?

  13. CH67guy1 says:

    Nice video. Thanks for posting!

  14. BlueMoonMonte84 says:

    Beautiful Plane Beautiful Flight….Beautiful Wife….i bet its a blast to
    fly Private…Flying is the best thing in the world

  15. Connor Donahue says:

    I can tell this is Cleveland from the tower being built in the back

  16. beeroosterm says:

    Where’s her parachute?

  17. dieselyeti says:

    I used to fly for a charter company, and if you can afford it it sure beats
    the hell outta airline travel. The Hawker 800XP we had chartered out at
    $3800/hr; this guy and his wife flew what’s called a repositioning leg
    moving the aircraft to a new location for (probably) a charter flight.

  18. simon peters says:

    The lady’s awesome smile at 4:29 is the best part :)

  19. BreathDoctor says:

    She give you head while riding in that pc of shit?

  20. StratMatt777 says:

    Holy crap the zoom on your camera is amazing!!!! What kind of camera?!

  21. Drew Scott says:

    I’ve only gotten to ride in a private jet once. It was awesome. If I had a
    lot of money, I would do it all the time! LOL!

  22. Berat malatyalı says:

    it is very good experience, u are so lucky :)…. i hope i can do same
    thing with my wife in the future … :)) 

  23. Aaron Stark says:

    “Can I take a picture?”………… only video is allowed, pictures
    cause the airplane to crash………..dumb bitch.

  24. J Whit says:

    All I have to say is, once you make it to the end zone, act like you’ve
    been there before. 

  25. Robin Sattahip says:

    I’d prefer the jet ride with some 20 year old bimbo than the old wife. 

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