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PRIVATE JET PARTY!! (5.27.14 – Day 1853)

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This video is for entertainment purposes only. We don’t condone anyone attempting the activities shown.
PRIVATE JET PARTY!! (5.27.14 – Day 1853)


  1. xXchrisXx010 says:

    Where is all the discussion about.drunk driving coming from? 

  2. Lewis Ashmore says:

    BEST ENDING EVER toodles from nerd rock too :D

  3. LIJ4Productions says:

    breaking the law. Drinking while driving. Yeah its bad but people make
    mistakes, im sure she didnt Drink and drive again after that. Give her a
    break shes only human its like none of You ever did something stupid. None
    of You are perfect

  4. Joanna Benson says:

    if you’re confused about what time it is in comparison to FL, why not just
    use the world clock on ur iPhone?

  5. Dani M says:

    your subscriber count is going down quiiiiickly

  6. Bhavya Jani says:

    Why do they call him NerdRock?

  7. Matthew Walker says:

    Ctfxc fandom really is just a bunch of teenage girls and some boys
    commenting what they know from school about relationships. 

  8. Tom3030 says:

    ha funny with the camera at the end, good vlog :)

  9. Kcm64 says:

    Oh gawd seeing Charles on the plane is making me so sad! Makes me think
    about how I’m going to Ecuador this summer. No wifi. No YouTube. For at
    least a month. URGHHHH 

  10. xStr8UPDoPex says:

    Whos squiggles?

  11. ✈ AviationNation✈ says:

    Why are those Asian people wearing masks all the time

  12. LoveJonLovell says:

    You’ve left the UK already? I didn’t even get to come and stalk find you!
    haha… have a great time.

  13. AutumnWinds says:

    Charles said on twitter, “point blank. I did NOT cheat while we were
    together, being separated doesnt mean what u do next is cheating. if u
    think that then thats dumb”

    The dictionary defines separation as: the act of separating people or
    things or the state of being separated : a situation in which a husband and
    wife live apart from each other.

    We don’t know all the details or if the divorce has been finalized yet, but
    regardless of if it has or has not been, separation IS NOT divorce. You are
    still legally married and have a commitment. You are still HUSBAND AND
    WIFE. Yes they both agreed to be apart and move on but they are or were
    still married, as far as we know anyway. Also, I’m not saying anyone owes
    the viewers an explanation but if they are divorced at this rate wouldn’t
    it be better to just say so?

    It had been close to a month before Alli made her video about this whole
    situation and even then they weren’t divorced. So until the divorce was
    finalized and now that there is proof he is with someone else, it seems
    pretty clear to me that is at the very least disrespectful, and at the
    worst cheating.

    I know a lot of people will say oh what does it matter then it’s just a
    piece of paper, they have moved on. Well that’s right, marriage is just a
    piece of paper and if that’s the amount of respect you give it then it’s no
    wonder why divorce rates are so high and marriage has become such a joke.

    I also find it incredibly ironic that there were so many CTFxCers saying
    how if Charles and Alli split up true love doesn’t exist and what’s the
    point of marriage and they will turn around in the next breath and stomp on
    marriage as long as it makes Charles look okay and makes his definition of
    cheating, or not cheating in this case, acceptable.

    On another note quite frankly it irks me how Charles has been acting. He
    makes these videos that are supposed to be one on one, and tries to explain
    things over and over and the more he does it the more shady it becomes.
    First he didn’t want to talk about it. Secondly if you have a negative
    opinion no matter how you express it, if you’re questioning him it doesn’t
    seem like that is allowed. You’re told to leave it alone or be supportive
    or stop being negative. Well guess what, life isn’t always positive, and
    people have a right to their opinion especially if he chooses to put
    himself online. I’m almost certain I’m going to get hateful responses to
    this, but I’m willing to go through that because I think it’s more
    important to have an open conversation instead of being shady about

    Charles is dating someone now and instead of being open and honest like he
    claims to be and putting that in the vlogs he puts it on Facebook where not
    everyone will even see it, which further stirs up more controversy for the
    people who missed it. How is that authentic in any form?

    Overall, I don’t care what he does but I have my opinions and I think most
    everyone will. But if you’re going to say you are one thing and do another,
    expect the repercussions for doing so, especially because the truth ALWAYS
    finds a way out. Therefore if you are telling the truth, no worries, right?
    Simple as that.

    All in all if this makes me a “turkey,” well I have two words for that.
    Gobble gobble. This is my opinion, take it or leave it.

  14. Heeyits Madi says:

    Why doesn’t he show squiggles face? And where did the name come from? What

  15. AngelLustX says:

    So what if Charles is apparently losing subs. Just shows who the true
    CTFxCers are. Plus I’m not sure why it has to be a big deal. Just another
    thing to use against him sigh

  16. Jem Mej says:

    People keep mentioning him losing subscribers as if he’s lost a HUGE
    amount. 2,000 out of more than 1.4 million isn’t some mass unsubscribing. 

  17. jonrock555 says:

    you forgot Walmart

  18. Izzy Simmons says:

    Does anyone know his girlfriends Instagram name? No hate just curious 

  19. HalloweenHellmouth says:

    Ahhhhhh!! Be careful, Charles! You’re messing with the vlog time continuum!

  20. itsybitsyzombie says:

    Tomorrow will be the 2000th video. Congrats Charles.

  21. stellbell1223 says:

    If I traveled to America I would like to see fat people. 

  22. Danielle Emslie says:

    Times Squares! Now what is your stereotype for Canada?
    Wait! Don’t say igloos please….

  23. Molly Burgesser says:

    Excited for the Japan videos!

  24. Flipsy says:

    Guys before I say anything I am not here to yell. My point here is don’t
    you think it’s fair for charles to live his life? Is’nt it fair for him to
    love who he want’s to love? and to keep things secret. Just because he does
    videos for us does not mean he needs to tell us every detail and have us to
    make his decisions. Alli is not coming back, and Charles seems alot less
    stressed and happy and that should make you happy. The CTFxC was a great
    community and we could all call eachother family. It’s falling apart if you
    have anything rude to say to charles or alli or anything like ” why cant
    you give alli another chance 🙁 ” Then maybe this is not for you. Think
    about this and not yourself for once.

  25. A.J.Z says:

    CTFxC was always about Charles AND Alli Speed for me, now that they have
    moved on…well i gotta move on as well. 

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