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Private Jet Journeys – Asia’s Luxury Lifestyle and Private Jet Service

Private Jet Journeys offers luxury lifestyle and private jet services to Asia’s most successful and discerning travelers. Private jets, private islands, meetings with celebrities, world-class golf, access to private clubs. 5 star hotels and exclusive experiences. Aircraft can accommodate anywhere from 6 passengers to over 100 for a corporate meeting or product launch.
Private Jet Journeys – Asia’s Luxury Lifestyle and Private Jet Service


  1. napoleonbonaparttte says:

    Awesome music but perhaps one of the worst produced video I have seen. Dear
    god I hope that was not professionally produced.

  2. PrivateJetCharterss says:

    Good video but don’t provide much info.

  3. lovelybuttify says:

    we got our own private jet

  4. ValorVenger says:

    gimme 1 bilion dollar

  5. wurtzgood says:

    Wherever you go, there you are.

  6. Sup3rp4per says:

    What’s the song called?

  7. Denny Choi says:

    Produced from China

  8. Eno Tice says:

    this is for sale??!!

  9. MyJetNET says:

    Check out MyJet Net on Facebook or on their website for great deals on
    private flights! MyJet Net is able to offer these flights at such
    discounted rates, since these flights would otherwise be flying empty or
    partially full!

  10. EnderOnFire14 says:

    Most awesome thing ever… ASIANS FTW!!!

  11. Puzzoozoo says:

    The Chinese super rich 1% called themselves banana’s, as in yellow on the
    outside, but white and westernised on the inside.

  12. Sumit John says:


  13. dankAHOL1C says:

    private jets are definitely suited for billionaires or people with over
    $100 million dollars.

  14. SneakySandhu says:

    And ……Have “FUN”…….

  15. Unknown Unknown says:

    Dear Santa…

  16. Puzzoozoo says:

    Whats the name of the music?

  17. timothy wylens says:

    Mom i know what i want for X-Mas… lol

  18. kenjryker says:

    Bling, bling…!

  19. omfggoogle says:

    Chinese dude looked super tall in that plane.

  20. CaptainArt777 says:

    I thought this video was about planes. We seen more of those folks then we
    did of the plane. Bad Video.

  21. Uber Digital Luxury says:


  22. M. Parsons says:

    I want one David says to me. I saw “have 51.8 million?”

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