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New Asian Wealthy Buying Tricked Out Private Jets

All aboard for a tour of an Asian CEO’s playground. The WSJ explores what goes into custom-designing a multi-million dollar private jet.
New Asian Wealthy Buying Tricked Out Private Jets


  1. donspony says:

    …leather toilet seats. Lol

  2. kLPantera says:

    lol Asians are beginning to breach the height gap.

  3. Clazzy8 says:

    Man whose dick do I have to suck to get on one of those?

  4. IIoWoII says:

    lol, Dutch.

  5. jeffry biglwigl says:

    a leather toilet! I can doo better, how about one made of marshmellows! you
    can eat it when your done!

  6. MrElintenso says:

    what a inspiration 4real.

  7. fomiz says:

    love the answer to the last question

  8. jjj333 says:

    This reporter does not know how to ask questions. Should get another job.

  9. aczbdk says:

    She doesn’t need to know how to ask a question, she only wants to catch a
    millionaire, pretend to be cute, have sex with him and then marry him.

  10. orangeshinobi says:

    the plane ‘revs’ to 590 miles per hour! now thats bling

  11. Supra Justin says:

    only when ur the person wiping it.

  12. Mohammad Reza says:

    sounds like a cow is on your ass ­čśÇ

  13. Limone Duro says:


  14. gmart420 says:

    what, that statement is 100% correct

  15. Tony Bridge says:

    I want a private jet. Anyone got a few million dollars they can lend me?

  16. Tom Voute says:

    My Dutch friend Edwin Hogervorst is flying a private Bombardier jet here in
    Hong Kong. This 7 minutes special shows what these apartments fitting 19
    persons look like from the inside. And that his real name is Engelbertus. ´╗┐

  17. Emmanuel, R. Aladesuru says:

    I your products, I want to be your Sales Representative for Africa, Asia,
    and the Middle East, please let me know what you think´╗┐

  18. Courtney Lowrie says:

    Idk if I’m a hater or what but a leather toilette sounds fucking gross. ´╗┐

  19. abba desdunes says:

    Inspiration ´╗┐

  20. Shirley Ashton says:

    Why can’t my dad buy that?

  21. nexus040670 says:

    the golden calf´╗┐

  22. joshua delpilar says:

    i dont like the lifestyle reporter´╗┐

  23. Kimberly Wright says:

    was the “asian” part of the description really necessary…´╗┐

  24. Sears Raiden says:

    chairman’s wife…..
    why does the chairman’s family need any “small” planes like this.. ´╗┐

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