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Lovely Couple Flying on a Private Jet!!

Lovely Couple Flying on a Private Jet arranged by Paramount Business Jets (

Sam: Hey everybody. I’m Sam and I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about flying private charter. Paramount Business Jets. First off, let me give a big thumbs down to every other company out there. I called them all. They either acted like they had no time to talk to me on the phone and didn’t have an account, or couldn’t afford a flight, you know they, they were too busy or one thing or another, so I called Paramount. Spoke to a gentleman named Eric who told me that he would get everything put together for me. A couple of hours later, I started getting emails with quotes that were 10 to 12 thousand dollars less than everyone else would say. So he put me in contact with a gentleman named Chris who took care of all our needs – the fruit tray, the champagne, everything. So my advice is, call Paramount, get yourself on a private flight. Now my beautiful wife is going to show you around a bit.

Jenny: Hi, my name is Jenny and I will show you all why Paramount Business Jets is the best. Above all other private charters. They gave me newspapers, snacks, game informer for the gentleman. When we called, they asked what we wanted for catering. We could have ordered steaks and everything, but I wanted to keep it a light affair, with a fruit and cheese plate with some crackers. So this is what we got with a nice bottle of champagne on ice. By the way, there were two of these, we already ate one of them. Now you are riding in the lap of luxury. Hello Friends. They are not very talkative I guess. If you turn around, your bathroom is right behind you. I really do believe that this is top notch. The service has been above and beyond what I’ve ever experienced. I want to give you a big thank you to everyone at Paramount Business Jets. Thanks.

Sam: This is beautiful. You, me, this.

Jenny: I think its time to pop some bottles. What do you think babe? Here’s to flying with Paramount. I know its an experience I will never forget. And will hopefully be repeating.
Lovely Couple Flying on a Private Jet!!

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