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Inside The Private Jet Industry

The numbers behind the most expensive way to travel.
Inside The Private Jet Industry


  1. 8wealthyone8 . says:

    I want one of those G550 plains and I am asking for one asap. Thanks

  2. penelope beveridge says:

    Inside The Private Jet Industry

    Inside The Private Jet Industry´╗┐

  3. EMEReynolds says:

    When I die bury me inside a Private Jet, all I want for my birthday is a
    G550, all I want for my birthday is a G550

  4. InvestingProwess says:

    1:09 A ferrari lol More like Bugatti

  5. SuperCellProductions says:

    His videos show some proof…

  6. honeyhued08 says:

    Sweet, we should all be able to afford it.

  7. Duhello88 says:

    It’s not quite that simple

  8. Duhello88 says:

    No they don’t! I looked at all his videos and not one of them had anything
    to do with aviation let alone “his private jets.” Why are you trying to
    defend this idiot? And with a blatantly false claim no less?

  9. SuperCellProductions says:

    Calm your tits.

  10. krazzysu says:


  11. goog le says:

    Bomb ba deer. ­čÖé

  12. bossymodo says:

    I could not possibly afford a private jet. That said, there are people that
    can. My guess is the largest private jet in the world is a 707. If John
    Travolta wants to fly himself around in a 707 all the power to him.

  13. vthunt says:

    Nice interview and I do have the money to get one.

  14. munnjean says:

    When America’s economy collapses ( which is inevitable ,, it’s sure coming
    ) people like Mr. Trump will be lucky to buy a Piper Cub.

  15. Yann Lavoie says:

    Am not lying to make my-self sound cool, I have been on several private
    jets, doing Medivacs, with the company Royal Jet, flying critical patients
    from my hospital in Abu Dhabi in UAE to Germany and UK, and it is true that
    the next day, instead of sending me back to Abu Dhabi by commercial flight
    they would instead send me back with the same jet, and I would be the only
    one on the plane, enjoying the ride, along with the flight attendant(s). So
    I did not lie. Cheers…

  16. fallenCloud666 says:

    if you think about how much money goes into priv jets its stupid.. you
    would have to be a moron to invest in it not because the price is so high,
    but for 2 reasons the main one being fuel.your talking around 6,000 gallons
    a fill up, and people want to bitch about the price of gas? not including
    the idea of the bigger commercial airlines filling up at 48,455 to 64,225
    U.S. gallons. do the math. you could spend that money on building one that
    takes less.

  17. jaylaga says:

    Yes he hires pilots, of course. A man like that will never do such a task
    by himself. The jet cost 300 million and airbus’s option to fit it out cost
    an extra 200 mil. Check it out his name is Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.

  18. wiggywil says:

    oh well, there goes that dream… moving on to the private yachts video…

  19. Carlyle's Picks says:

    LOL. I do bike videos and jets too. You would like it!

  20. MCKrealB says:

    some day…

  21. Private Jet Charters, Empty Legs & Seat Sharing says:

    Good video to watch and comment on!´╗┐

  22. International Aviation Community says:

    Excellent video to spark discussion in the #privatejet and
    #privatejetcharter world! What do you think?´╗┐

  23. Stratos Jet Charter says:

    Here is an interesting video from Forbes on the private jet industry. After
    watching this share your comments! | 888.594.7141

    #aircharter #privatejet #privatejetcharter´╗┐

  24. Marcus LeeP says:

    Thank you so much for giving us that information. Yes, a lot of people have
    brought memberships in the corporate jet indusrty..So, at a fraction of
    owership, you can have access to a corporate jet. That is cool…´╗┐

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