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Inside America’s Hottest Private Jet Fleet

March 22 (Bloomberg) — NetJets CEO Jordan Hansell discusses his company’s business. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Betty Liu. (Source: Bloomberg)
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Inside America’s Hottest Private Jet Fleet


  1. Adell Kimbrough says:

    How can I speak w/ Jordan Hansell?

  2. ULTRANAUT says:

    give me 2 billion dollars and I will find a way to get you a jet…lol

  3. trtgefg43t says:

    1,8 mio Dollar used. 4-5 Mio Dollar new.

  4. RumbleHD says:

    You can get one for $100 US.

  5. Charles Gervasi says:

    Can you get jet for $100k? That sounds like the price for a good
    single-engine prop plane, used but in very good condition.

  6. hawker445 says:

    If you want to fly for netjets don’t expect to start that until you’re very
    old. IF they ever start hiring…

  7. mainenwo says:

    considering a flight from Cali to Europe can take up to 17 hours or more a
    25 hour share wouldn’t even get you back home ..maybe good for domestic

  8. Hii im Maxx says:

    25 to 200 million depends if you wont a jombo ore a smaller plane

  9. apollonas agkolis says:

    1.Learn how to spell its called jambo 2. THAT ALOT OF MONEY 3.

  10. gametocken says:

    the global express starts at 45 million around the same price for a
    gulf-stream v then then jets the size of commercial airliners like boeing
    767s are 70 million at the lowest

  11. htjohntv2 says:

    I can ride one in GTAV ­čÖé

  12. Wayan Darmstadt says:

    Wonderful intervju

  13. tom dick says:

    great pilots.

  14. codgamer373 says:

    like if you were here for gta 5

  15. G├Âktu─č Erol says:

    Dear Santa.´╗┐

  16. John Thomaidis says:

    i have been in a better jet before´╗┐

  17. Stratos Jet Charters, Inc says:

    Interesting how they share their work strategies. Nice´╗┐

  18. Marcus LeeP says:

    Thankj you so much for showing this corporate jet..´╗┐

  19. Sydney Mokgoto says:


  20. JAMES LUCAS says:

    $125,000 FOR 25hrs aint shit most businessmen eat that up in a week, so
    they would need about 2-4mill a year just to fly private´╗┐

  21. spwb2k says:

    nice clip and NJ is an excellent company but enough already with the class
    warfare “warren buffet thinks rich should pay higher taxes” jibe. Wtf is
    that all about? Its a gratuitous & ham-handed non-sequitur that’s both
    irrelevant and unhelpful to the purpose of this video, so…yeah.´╗┐

  22. Andr├ę Schmid says:

    FALCON 7X is better

  23. Eli Thrift says:

    this jordan hansell fellow is very unique looking. its kinda unsettling.´╗┐

  24. Dialoguematters says:


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