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Formula 1 Private Jets [HD]

After the Grand Prix of Europe at Valencia Street Circuit with the victory of Fernando “Magic” Alonso many of the people who make up the circus of Formula 1 (Bernie Ecclestone, Anthony Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Ron Dennis, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso from others) return to their barracks using their private jets, Valencia 6/24/2012.

Después del Gran Premio de Europa en Valencia Street Circuit con la victoria de Fernando “Magic” Alonso muchos de las personas que integran el circo de la Formula 1 (Bernie Ecclestone, Anthony Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Ron Dennis,Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso entre otros) vuelven a sus cuarteles utilizando sus aviones particulares, Valencia 24-6-2012.

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Formula 1 Private Jets [HD]


  1. Pedro Lopez garcia says:

    Ah, veo que se señala en 4:16 un CRJ como el de F. Alonso. No sé si será de
    él, pero en la foto que ha puesto en twitter, se ve el ala del avión sin
    wingjet, así que no iba dentro de ese.

  2. admino2000 says:

    0:45 Bernie

  3. carlayraul5 says:

    Pues sí la verdad, el ATC nunca sobra… Y muchisima gente en el montículo,
    estaba como nunca.

  4. tonipaterna says:

    enhorabuena por el magnifico video! yo no me pude acercar el domingo, pero
    me hubiera gustado…por cierto están vallando la zona, no?

  5. Javier Rullan Ruano says:

    Yes it is

  6. onecheman says:

    British Aerospace

  7. whitewingsrich says:

    Do we know who was in HB-JGE? The Bombardier Global Express

  8. Adam King says:

    but the BAe is special in that its one of the only 4 engined narrow-bodies
    ever put into production….. and it just looks SWEEEEET!!!

  9. Jack Dahi says:

    If of interest: The one with the S on the tail belongs to Sauber F1racing
    team and is a swiss made pilatus!

  10. MrPableras says:

    Quien es el del global con matricula española???

  11. Caleb Pettet says:

    cant wait for the citation ten release :O

  12. Hans Koffer says:

    which typs are the big iberia planes in the back?

  13. Hans Koffer says:

    well, that’s sad…

  14. helsinki vantaa spotter says:

    Iberia A300

  15. CIELO Aviation - Private & Corporate #Aviation says:

    Formula 1 Private Jets. Formula 1 Private Jets [HD]

  16. WizardmasterNZ says:

    Interest…. Company pay this huge fuel of litre cost US$200k per 100kL
    plus paid a pilots charge. I calculator that if average 40 seat divide
    US$300k = US$7500 per person. Commercial Plane is cheap US$300 per
    person. I really these CRAZY a private plane for Formula 1. That why
    expensive fee $100m per Team. Expensive and expensive everthing a F1.
    I heard Honda and BMW have withdrawn from F1.

  17. swog says:

    @Adam King – Don’t know how you can call the BAe146 with its 4 engines
    ‘Narrow body’ its was made and sold as a ‘Wide Body’ …. obviously in
    comparison to its length not compared with B767 etc large passenger jets.
    The 2nd largest must be at 3:00 & 5:30 the latest Gulfstreams? any idea of

  18. swog says:

    Its not many of the F1 teams or Drivers who purchase outright these
    jets,either leasing them for a few years or hiring them to get to
    destinations in Europe and then have it return 4 days later for return to
    UK.With 5 to 10 sharing expenses, leaving from and landing at a more
    convenient airport, doing away with the hassle and long check-in routine it
    needn’t be the super rich & famous to find value in chartering an A/C.
    The Aircraft with the ‘S’ Logo on the tail was I think the only Prop
    powered and was below Saubers ranking – if your going to have a jet then
    let it portray the team as the spray job on the cars does & the design of
    teams multistorey entertainment home from home. 

  19. Robert Cooper says:

    ‘nough said.

  20. A.M. Fortas says:

    It is rare for me to go to Confession with ‘envy’ to tell of. :). Time I
    think !!

  21. Miguel Teoh says:

    whats the model of the plane at 0:48? please answer ! much appreciated

  22. Peter Robinson says:

    Ron Dennis will be lucky to have the use of a corporate bicycle
    unless he gets his act together with his F1 cars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. godrakull says:

    Bae-146, Queen elisabeth II use one

  24. Luca Capozzi says:

    Who ? Hahaha … this possible a fake… 

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