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10 Most Expensive Private Jets

This list contains ten of the most expensive private planes in the world | planet earth. Do you know more costly jets | airplanes? Let us know in the comments…

10. Dassault Falcon 900 – more than million, Sergio Mantegazza
9. Embraer Lineage 1000 – .95 million, Jorge Vergara
8. Dassault Falcon 7X – million, Bill Gates
7. Bombardier BD-700 Global Express – .7 million, Celine Dion and Oprah Winfrey
6. Boeing Business Jet – .5 million, Mukesh Ambani
5. Gulfstream G550 – .9 million, Lakshmi Mittal and Philip Green
4. Airbus 319 Corporate Jet – .7 million, Vijay Mallya
3. Boeing 767 – 8 million, Roman Abramovich, Larry Page
2. Boeing 747- 8I VIP – 3 million, Joseph Lau
1. Airbus A380 – more than 0 million, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

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10 Most Expensive Private Jets


  1. RichardCyclone says:


  2. cautiouspure says:

    why does number 7 say “bills gates bill gates”

  3. David Chambers says:

    What about John Travolta’s private plane?

  4. bruffmeister1 says:

    what about airforce one ?. technically its the american presidents private
    jet just as a lot of the jets in the list will be owned by the rich persons
    company rather than being registered to them personally

  5. TyphoonCrafter says:

    A380 I have a toy plane like that airbus

  6. mikakami93 says:

    so ??

  7. RichardCyclone says:

    10 fastest cars would be awesome.

  8. Shriram Chandak says:

    @mikakami93 : Babe, 3 of that list are from my country ! Atleast make
    logical comment

  9. brightshiningdiamond says:

    Best paid jobs?

  10. ncfo20 says:

    What about Boeing VC-25 (Air force one)?

  11. mikakami93 says:

    i don’t care actually we make nukes and your country the buyer and more
    richest than your Little India lol

  12. Griffon Comments says:

    How stupid can u be to buy the last 3 “private jets”, maybe if you live in
    it it would be ok, but what does one guy do with that big plane ?

  13. Anish Narayanaswamy says:

    It would be funny to see the owners of these planes fly on Ryanair!

  14. billy payne says:

    What’s the point of having a 747 as private plane if you can only land in
    big busy airports ?

  15. Kettan Mhatre says:

    Go watch Pogo..

  16. Partime Doge says:

    I know someone who owns a g550

  17. Liam Williams says:

    There are private a380s

  18. Jimmy C says:

    Prince Alwaleed does not own an A380, he had one on order but backed down.
    Bill Gates owns (actually his foundation) a Global Express and definitely
    not a French made plane and for being the 2nd richest man in the world
    (Forbes 2013) with $67bn is I would say quite modest, considering that
    Joseph Lau, 166th richest man with $7bn apparently owns a 747-8, to be
    verified of course.

  19. ThePilotman329 says:

    What about it? It’s a military aircraft, not privately owned…

  20. ThePilotman329 says:

    Their military designator is VC-25A… And they are military planes, not
    privately owned…

  21. der führer says:

    +THEISLANDMONSTER air force1 is a Boeing 747

  22. Darpan Kapadia says:

    Indians always rocks……………..

  23. mohd islam khan says:

    Yeah 4 5 and 6 are Indians. From a country where poor do not have money to
    afford a taxi ticket and these assholes are spending millions yeah

  24. stavros papadopoulos says:

    THE BOEING 747-8 ONLY 153MN ??????????

  25. JohanUlricPeter Stolle says:

    This ppl have a braindamage. They need to brag so some one shall relise
    that the are only humans. Eat, shit and die, thats all.

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